Campus Transformation Continues with New Buildings

Photos by William A. Cotton

A contemporary building boom – spanning a decade and transforming campus with nearly $1.5 billion in construction – continues to dramatically boost CSU teaching, research, and outreach.

Five state-of-the-art buildings have opened during the 2018-2019 academic year. They include the Nancy Richardson Design Center, the Health Education Outreach Center, and the C. Wayne McIlwraith Translational Medicine Institute, pictured here. The Spring 2019 issue of Colorado State Magazine contains feature stories related to two additional new buildings: a new wing of the Michael Smith Natural Resources Building and the JBS Global Food Innovation Center in Honor of Gary and Kay Smith.

Future magazine issues will more fully describe the teaching and research within our newest buildings, and highlights campus development over the past 10 years. Until the next issue, here’s a snapshot:

C. Wayne McIlwrath Translational Medicine Institute

C. Wayne McIlwraith Translational Medicine Institute

  • A premier innovation hub for research and commercialization of new medical therapies for animal and human disease; emphasizes biological treatments, including stem-cell therapies, that recruit the body’s own resources for healing.

  • Advances collaboration among scientists, clinicians, and entrepreneurs in human and animal medicine.

  • Named for Dr. C. Wayne McIlwraith, University Distinguished Professor and founding director of CSU’s Orthopaedic Research Center. He is an international pioneer in equine arthroscopic surgery and regenerative treatments for joint disease; many of McIlwraith’s veterinary innovations have been translated into orthopaedic advancements for people.

  • $65 million facility; with a lead gift of $32.5 million from philanthropists John and Leslie Malone, a naming gift of $20 million from racehorse breeder Princess Abigail K. Kawananakoa of Hawaii, and $12.5 million in University financing. The Malones also donated $10 million for operations.

Health Education Outreach Center

Health Education Outreach Center

  • With specialized laboratories for human anatomy and neuroanatomy; delivers high-demand courses for students pursuing careers in human health and medicine.

  • Home to the Department of Biomedical Sciences.

  • Connected to CSU health and education outreach at the forthcoming National Western Center in north Denver.

  • $23.3 million project.

Nancy Richardson Design Center

Nancy Richardson Design Center

  • Promotes design principles and methods in many disciplines. These include art, apparel design and merchandising, interior architecture and design, landscape architecture, engineering, and construction management.

  • Home base for the Department of Design and Merchandising.

  • $19.2 million project; enabled with $8.1 million lead gift from alumna Nancy Richardson and her husband, Curt, co-founders and owners of OtterBox and Blue Ocean Enterprises.