In Memoriam

Kevin Oltjenbruns

Dr. Kevin Ann Oltjenbruns

Compassionate Campus Leader

Kevin Oltjenbruns, a Colorado State alumna who built a career at her alma mater by focusing on student needs and sharing groundbreaking knowledge about grief and loss, died Nov. 1, 2018, at her Fort Collins home after an extended battle with cancer. She was 69.

A Denver native, Oltjenbruns attended CSU as a Boettcher Scholar and, in the early 1970s, earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and a master’s degree in child development and family relationships. She later earned a doctorate in educational and psychological studies at the University of Colorado. While at CSU, Oltjenbruns met her future husband, Ken; they married in 1975.

A professor in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies, Oltjenbruns was known for her joyfulness, giving spirit, problem-solving approach, and attentiveness to student learning and success. She excelled as a versatile campus leader, serving in many administrative roles during a decorated career that spanned more than 30 years at CSU. She retired in 2005 as vice provost for undergraduate studies.

As a scholar, Oltjenbruns was a leader in the field of grief and loss: She developed the University’s first courses on the topic and co-authored Dying and Grieving: Lifespan and Family Perspectives, a widely used textbook. She also helped launch the community organization now called Pathways Hospice, which provides care for terminally ill patients and bereavement support for people throughout Northern Colorado. It was among the nation’s first hospice agencies.

Oltjenbruns helped lead efforts to infuse multicultural perspectives into campus curricula. She also helped establish CSU’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, which provides a variety of educational courses for members “ages 50 and better.”

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Dr. Garrett Ray

Dr. Garrett Ray

Journalism Professor

Garrett Ray, an award-winning community newspaper publisher who became a beloved CSU journalism professor, died Dec. 17, 2018, at his home in Littleton, Colo., after a dozen years with Parkinson’s disease. He was 82.

Born and raised in Greeley, Ray got his first taste of newspapering at age 11, when he and friends produced Neighborhood News. He met his future wife, Nina, while in high school. Ray earned a bachelor’s degree at the University of Colorado, a master’s degree at Colorado State University, and a doctorate at University of Cardiff in Wales.

Ray began his career in 1961 as a reporter for the Littleton Independent and Arapahoe Herald, weekly newspapers he later co-owned, published, and edited. After Ray and his partner sold the papers in 1981, he started a 17-year second career as a journalism professor and shared his insights with a wave of aspiring reporters, many of whom rose to work at acclaimed newspapers across the state and nation.

In news writing classes, Ray taught students to focus on clarity and significance, scratching “So what?” in the margins of murky copy. He was best known for thought-provoking media ethics classes that emphasized fairness and prepared students to navigate issues ranging from anonymous sources to advertisers who demand puff pieces. Ray was an encouraging adviser dedicated to matching students with reporting internships and entry-level jobs. He also brought real-world experience to the classroom through a program that invited working journalists to campus.

Ray retired in 2001. During his career, he was inducted into Denver Press Club and Colorado Press Association halls of fame and won the prestigious Golden Quill and Eugene Cervi awards from the International Society of Weekly Newspaper Editors, among other honors.

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Tom Bradbury

Rancher and Stalwart Ram

 Tom Bradbury, an influential Colorado cattle rancher and horse breeder who avidly supported agriculture, the National Western Stock Show, and the CSU Rams, died Jan. 10 after complications from surgery. He was 82.

Raised on a family farm and ranch near Littleton, Colo., Bradbury earned a bachelor’s degree in farm and ranch management in 1958. He met and married his wife, Margaret, when the two were CSU students. On their honeymoon, the Bradburys attended a quarter horse sale in Brush, which fueled their shared passion for horses and foretold their lives in ranching.

Shortly after Tom graduated, the couple founded Bradbury Land and Cattle Co. near Byers, on the Plains east of Denver, where they produced elite racing quarter horses and Hereford and Angus cattle. Bradbury later held top leadership positions with the American Quarter Horse Association and the American Hereford Association.

Through several decades, Bradbury devoted time and support to his rural community and to the National Western, with a special interest in providing educational opportunities for new generations of agriculturalists. He likewise supported scholarships for Colorado State student-athletes and was a longtime football fan.

Bradbury was inducted into the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame in 2015 and the Colorado Agriculture Hall of Fame in 2016. He served for many years on the National Western Stock Show Board of Directors, its executive committee, and several subcommittees. The CSU Alumni Association honored the Bradburys with the 2016 Jim and Nadine Henry Award for extraordinary service to the University.

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William Ernst Jr. (B.S., ’39)
L. George Platt (B.S., ’39)


Gail A. Bagley (B.S., ’42)
William E. Bledsoe (B.S., ’42)
Harold C. Copeland (B.S., ’42)
Julia G. Fyock (B.S., ’45; M.Ed., ’81)
Iris W. Gaekle (B.S., ’45)
Esther M. Grubbs (B.S., ’45)
Evan L. Sneddon (B.S., ’46)
Clyde A. Maxey (B.S., ’47; M.F., ’49)
Howard K. Orr (B.S., ’47; M.F., ’48)
Bruce E. Foster (B.S., ’48)
Marlene H. Shryack (B.S., ’48)
Col. Althea E. Williams (B.S., ’48; B.S., ’49)
George A. Van Arsdale (B.S., ’49; M.Ed., ’54)
Eugene H. Dunn (B.S., ’49)
Harold D. Einarsen (B.S., ’49)


Norlyn L. Allison (B.S., ’50)
Willa Mae Crick (B.S., ’50; B.S., ’51)
Benjamin H. Konishi (D.V.M., ’50)
Harvey W. Miller (B.S., ’50)
Donald O. Straub (B.S., ’50)
Joseph A. Wasiecko (B.S., ’50)
Robert E. WIlliams (B.S., ’50)
William H. Bugg (B.S., ’51)
Gene E. Fischer (B.S., ’51)
L. Dean Visintainer (B.S., ’51)
William C. Bashor (B.S., ’52)
Raymond N. Bostock Jr. (B.S., ’52; B.S., ’67)
Patricia I. Cochran (B.S., ’52)
George H. Cowen Jr. (B.S., ’52)
Vivian E. DeSiervo (B.S., ’52)
Grant C. Jensen (B.S. ’52; D.V.M., ’54)
Wallace E. Jungmeyer (B.S., ’52)
Richard E. Benton (B.S., ’53)
C. Paul Hartman (B.S., ’53; M.Ed., ’65)
Ella K. Heitman (B.S., ’53)
Wyvonna J. McClelland (B.A., ’53)
Col Harold B. Nelson (B.S., ’53)
Charles L. Ward (B.S., ’53; M.S., ’57)
George F. Buchal (B.S., ’54)
John W. Ellis (D.V.M., ’54)
Larry M. Finnell (B.S., ’54; M.S., ’68)
Bob L. Melick (M.Ed., ’54)
Virginia L. Moeller (B.S., ’54)
Don B. Olsen (B.S., ’54; D.V.M., ’56)
Wallace J. Peterson (B.S., ’54; M.S., ’61)
Norma Lee Price (B.E., ’54; M.Ed., ’59)
Darlan J. Rezac (B.S., ’54; D.V.M., ’56)
Fred E. Rilling (B.S., ’54)
William J. Chapparo (B.S., ’55)
Margaret A. Crone (M.S., ’55)
Anna M. Fagerlie (M.A., ’55; D.Ed., ’59)
Mary E. Moreman Mayfield (M.S., ’55)
Yvonne E. Schallenberger (B.A., ’55)
Thomas L. Toliver (B.S., ’55; M.Ed., ’65)
Richard A. Avent (B.S., ’56)
Gerald L. Richard (B.S., ’56)
George H. Tempel (B.S., ’56)
Elden R. Austin (B.S., ’57; D.V.M., ’59)
Dwite D. Barnett (B.S., ’57)
Mary Ann Berry (B.S., ’57)
William C. Moser (B.S., ’57; M.Ed., ’65)
Carol A. Trumpe (B.S., ’57)
Laurence J. Ashbaugh (B.S., ’58)
Dale Christiansen (D.V.M., ’58)
Bonnie J. Enos (B.S., ’58)
Virgil E. Scott (B.S., ’58)
R. James Stava (B.S., ’58; D.V.M., ’60)
Phillip F. Brown (B.S., ’59)
Theodore R. Davis (B.S., ’59)
Edward D. Day (B.S., ’59)
Joel R. Manzolillo (B.S., ’59; M.S., ’62)
Alvin R. Saeger (M.Ed., ’59)
Jack C. Spanner (B.S., ’59)
Donald M. Weaver (B.S., ’59)
David S. Wysong (B.S., ’59; M.S., ’61)
Pat P. Yates (B.S., ’59)


Neil R. Cook (B.S., ’60)
Edward R. Graves Jr. (B.S., ’60)
Brad E. Johns (B.S., ’60; CERT, ’62)
Roger L. King (B.S., ’60; D.V.M., ’62)
D.L. McAfee (B.S., ’60)
Kenneth F. Neal (B.S., ’60)
Hulbert E. Reichelt (B.S., ’60)
Huey T. Sessions (B.S., ’60; M.Ed., ’64)
Erich L. Cron (B.S., ’61)
Thomas L. Hartley II (B.S., ’61)
Margaret M. Mizer (B.S., ’61)
Elizabeth A. Thatcher (CERT, ’61; B.A., ’61)
Bruce A. Wells (M.Ed., ’61)
Harold L. Aschenbrenner (B.S., ’62; M.Ed., ’72)
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Rosemary O’Donnell (CERT, ’65; B.A., ’65)
Genevieve N. Shaw (B.S., ’65)
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Kenneth E. Baker (B.S., ’66)
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Richard C. Aronson (B.S., ’67; M.S., ’69)
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Paul S. McGrath (B.S., ’68; D.V.M., ’70)
Susan R. Moxey (CERT, ’68; B.S., ’68)
Allen J. Bejda (B.S., ’69)
Christofer F. Bence Jr. (B.S., ’69)
Robert M. Bradley (B.S., ’69)
Ernest D. Gill (B.S., ’69; M.Ed., ’95)
Patricia A. Melton (B.S., ’69)
Janet O’Crowley (B.S., ’69)


Harold E. Dietrich (M.S., ’70)
John H. Kitterman (Ph.D., ’70)
Janet M. Lowe (CERT, ’70; B.A., ’70)
Wayne R. Marion (M.S., ’70)
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Jerry R. Hartman (B.S., ’71)
Kathryn L. Hogge (B.S., ’71)
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Barbara J. Wood (B.S., ’71)
Joseph B. Baker IV (B.A., ’72)
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Jim Hinojosa (B.S., ’73)
Charles A. McKnight (B.S., ’73; M.S., ’76)
William D. Miller (Ph.D., ’73)
Norman E. Moline (B.S., ’73)
Edward H. Stephenson (Ph.D., ’73)
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Lyle R. Wonderlich (B.S., ’73; D.V.M., ’75)
Clara M. Alley (B.E., ’74)
Patrick J. Dolan (B.S., ’74; M.S., ’76)
Richard F. Dworsky (M.S., ’74)
Freddy L. Eales (B.S., ’74; D.V.M., ’76)
Jeffrey J. Heacock (B.S., ’74)
Andrea F. Marsh (B.A., ’75)
Lt. Col. Daniel W. Martin (B.S., ’75)
Jerome D. Mathews (B.S., ’75)
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Rosalind R. Dews (B.A., ’80)
Steven E. Daron (B.A., ’81)
Barbara L. Dicola (B.S., ’81)
Alan D. Punches (B.S., ’81; M.S., ’85; Ph.D., ’91)
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DeVon M. Allmaras (M.Ed., ’84; Ph.D., ’91)
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Kevin Kaufman (B.A., ’85)
Eileen C. Boardman (Ph.D., ’86)
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Beverly J. Hall (Ph.D., ’87)
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Richard W. Pattee (M.S., ’87)
Jeffrey D. Schmitt (B.A., ’88)
David K. Croker (B.S., ’89)
Donald L. Madore (B.S., ’89)


Bruce W. Franklin (B.S., ’90; B.S., ’96)
Jack M. Peterson (B.S., ’90)
Robert J. Allen (B.A., ’93)
Lori L. Shalberg (B.S., ’93)
Jennifer E. Garrus (B.S., ’96)
Christian Huber (Ph.D., ’96; M.B.A., ’96)
Marlin Bolan (B.S., ’97)
Nicole M. Brewster (B.A., ’97)
Megan D. Schissler (B.A., ’97)
Jill S. Armstead-Cronin (B.S., ’99)
Derek D. Cundiff (B.S., ’99)


Melea A. Brown (M.S., ’02)
Kevin J. Croft (B.S., ’02)
Jory J. Wendling (Ph.D., ’03)
Alan K. Bennett (M.B.A., ’06)
Kimberly A. Larsen (M.S.W., ’06)
Travis L. Brown (B.A., ’09)


Jessica N. Manley (B.S., ’11)
Abigail N. Rediess (B.A., ’11)
Zachary J. Domenico (B.S., ’12)
Thomas A. Tyler Jr. (M.A.I.O.P., ’12)
Spencer J. Farrell (B.A., ’13; M.Ed., ’15)
Steven F. Henke (B.S., ’13)
Reece B. Laudick (B.S., ’13)
Trevor V. Wolfe (B.S., ’14)
Holli Pennington (B.S., ’18)


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Gaiter III
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