In Memoriam

Dorcas Morgan Murray
Dorcas Morgan Murray accepts the Founder’s Day medal, awarded to the William E. Morgan family. February 11, 2013. Photo by Joe A. Mendoza

Dorcas Morgan Murray

Founders Day Medal recipient
Oct. 23, 1934 – July 8, 2018

Dorcas Morgan Murray, a dedicated University supporter and daughter of former CSU President William E. Morgan and Lilla B. Morgan, died in July. She was 83.

On behalf of her family, Murray accepted the 2013 CSU Founders Day Medal in recognition of contributions that have helped elevate the University and its academic excellence. She was especially interested in the Morgan Library, which is named for her father.

She moved to Fort Collins with her family in 1949, when her father became eighth president, and graduated from Fort Collins High School in 1952. She then attended the University of Colorado; worked as a flight attendant for TransWorld Airlines; and married her husband of 56 years, John Piper Murray, who preceded her in death in 2016.

The Murrays lived on the East Coast and in Boulder, Colo; they returned to Fort Collins in 2005 and dove into community activities. She is survived by her daughters, Laura Murray and Carol Cochran, and their families; her brother, Bryan Morgan; and several nieces and nephews.

Ian Orme
Ian Orme and Crystal Shanley in Orme’s microbiology lab at Colorado State University. November 20, 2014. Photo by John Eisele

Dr. Ian Orme

University Distinguished Professor
Aug. 9, 1952 – June 19, 2018

Ian Michael Orme, a world leader in tuberculosis and immunology research who co-founded Colorado State University’s acclaimed Mycobacteria Research Laboratories, died in June at his summer home in Upstate New York. He was 65.

Orme joined the CSU faculty in 1986 and rose to University Distinguished Professor in recognition of his research excellence. In 2014, he was named a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science; at the time, he had published more than 265 papers cited nearly 14,000 times, an astounding reflection of scientific influence. His publication count rose from there, and he raised more than $100 million in research funding to shape the scientific understanding of tuberculosis.

Orme was dedicated to fighting the respiratory disease that kills an estimated 1.5 million people per year, mainly in developing countries. He pioneered the mouse and guinea pig models for studying tuberculosis – essential for vaccine development and other investigations.

He is survived by his wife, Eileen, and sons, Joseph Allen Michael Orme and Robert James Steven Orme.


Edith A. Gunn Cobb Moore (B.S., ’41)
Ralph L. Collinson (D.V.M., ’42)
Mary E. Foil (B.S., ’43)
Phyllis F. Huelsbeck (B.S., ’44)
William E. Ripple (D.V.M., ’44)
Virginia B. Krieg (B.A., ’48)
Iris P. McGinnies (B.S., ’48)
Rosemary Sczbecki (B.S., ’48)
Paul C. Smith (B.S., ’47; M.F., ’48)
Norman O. Densmore (B.S., ’49)
James W. Edwards (B.S., ’48; D.V.M.,’49)
Lynn R. Hagemeister (B.S., ’49)
Harold V. McIntosh (B.S., ’49)


Donald E. Bailey (D.V.M., ’50)
Robert Owen Bloyd (B.S., ’50)
Edwin D. Boice (D.V.M., ’50)
Norman H. Hack (B.S., ’50)
Robert R. Klaus (B.S., ’50)
Gene Meakins (B.S., ’50)
Herman D. Murray (B.S., ’50)
Donald C. Swisher (B.S., ’50)
Milton L. Vondy (D.V.M., ’51)
Arwin M. Bolin (B.S., ’52)
Robert E. Nicks (D.V.M., ’52)
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James H. Irwin (B.S., ’53)
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Lois V. Muto (B.S., ’53)
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Joseph L. Schuster (M.S., ’59)
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John A. Andrews (B.S., ’57; B.S., ’60)
Arleen L. Barkeim (M.Ed., ’60)
LeRoy E. Foreman (B.S., ’60)
Lt. Col. Kenneth C. Franzel (B.S., ’60)
R. Tracy Rhodes (B.S., ’59; D.V.M., ’60)
Robert R. Siders (B.S., ’60)
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Lowell Goemmer (B.S., ’61)
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Kastler Taylor Jr. (B.S., ’62)
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Eugene T. Lyons (Ph.D., ’63)
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