Balancing Act

As incidents of bias and hate rise on campuses across the country, Colorado State is working to uphold First Amendment rights while also supporting students who are targeted and feel vulnerable.

Beefing Up

Rural Colorado lacks livestock veterinarians, raising animal-welfare and economic concerns. A new program supported by CSU will fill the gap by repaying college debts for vets who work in agricultural communities.

Our Mascot

Who’s ready to suit up for Game Day? Our two-legged mascot! Since 1983, select students have played the role of CAM with CSU Spirit Squads. Meet Dan Seaman, our first official furry – we give him a thumbs-up.

Keeping Him in Stitches

What to wear, what to wear? It’s not a problem for CSU’s beloved Rambouillet: Our sheep mascot has a team of volunteer tailors who spend their off hours creating “hot” couture for the woolly guy.

Campus View

Alumni Profiles through the Decades

1980s: Honor Song

Jan Iron, a Navajo woman, is a leader in Northern Colorado’s Native American community who works to celebrate and preserve Native culture. She is a 1986 alumna in social sciences.

1930s: Play Ball

Bill Ernst is a former Aggie right fielder who recently donated a winning baseball to his alma mater. He earned a bachelor’s degree in forestry in 1939.

1940s: It’s Elemental

Carol Mosher led a ground-breaking research career in Silicon Valley, contributing to the study of anti-cancer agents and other compounds. She graduated in chemistry in 1942.

1950s: The Master

Marvin Beeman was awestruck by horses while growing up in the world of mounted foxhunting. After earning degrees in the 1950s, he became a world-renowned equine veterinarian.

1960s: Testing the Waters

Neil Grigg, who earned a Ph.D. in 1969, is a hydraulic engineer who has expanded his focus from water infrastructure to pressing public-health concerns.

1970s: From the Heart

Reginald Washington is a pediatric cardiologist, an international expert in childhood obesity, a hospital leader – and was a finalist for U.S. surgeon general. He graduated in zoology in 1971.

1990s: Top Form

Pard Morrison, a 1997 fine arts alumnus, is a geometric sculptor with an increasingly esteemed career in contemporary art.

Aughts: Beer Here

After graduating in microbiology in 2002, Cody Reif became a research and development brewer for New Belgium Brewing Co., a leader in the craft beer industry.

2010s: Better Birth

Zubaida Bai earned an M.B.A. in 2010 and launched a company whose first product provides more sanitary conditions for mothers and their newborns in developing nations.

Alumni Matters