Symposium taps into water problems and solutions

An irrigation ditch between agricultural fields
Colorado’s lower Arkansas River Valley is the subject of Colorado State University civil engineering professors Timothy Gates and Luis Garcia’s research on waterlogging and salinity. Photo by William A. Cotton

A booming population, climate change, and competing demands from city dwellers, industry, and agriculture suggest a dire future for water availability in Colorado.

Those challenges were the focus of discussion when about 400 leaders gathered in Denver last spring for the first Water in the West Symposium. The event, sponsored by the Colorado State University System, was designed to propel and inform the work of the forthcoming CSU Water Resources Center, the first new facility under construction at the redeveloped National Western Center in Denver. The Water Resources Center will provide a collaborative focus on policies, education, research, and innovations urgently needed to better manage increasingly scarce water resources.

A second Water in the West Symposium is set in March 2019.